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Symphony42's persuasive AI looks like a single agent to your customers, but under the hood we're more like a hive, with many agents all working together to engage, persuade, qualify, and convert. As your customers engage with us, our hive learns from them, automatically refining the instructions we send to individual agents and fine-tuning new ones uniquely optimized for your audience. The end result is a selling experience that delights, via text or voice - with video coming soon.
Ava is our queen bee, the primary agent responsible for coordinating the hive. She matches the right agent with each of your customers to improve their experience and your performance. You're invited to chat with her here, or simply by calling 443-402-3700.
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Head of AI

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Hi there! I'm Ava, and I work behind the scenes at Symphony42. Why not ask me what I can do for your company?